SPEEDWOW 2.0 Inch Butt Joint Exhaust Clamp Band Coupler Sleeve With Heat Wrap Tape Stainless Steel

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The exhaust clamp is made of stainless steel and this is one of the many features that count it worthy of attention. It will never record rust and will undoubtedly last for long. The stainless steel used in making it ensures that it can withstand any condition whatsoever. So, you will get value for money when you use it.

The exhaust clamp is applicable to 2.0 inch DO exhaust pipe, catalytic converters connection, and muffler. Its versatility makes it more acceptable to many people.  With the use of this product, you can easily join exhaust tubing together without having to weld them.

As a result of this, the exhaust tubing can be joined together very fast. The exhaust clamp also removes the need to spend a lot of money. The clamp can equally be trusted for accurate installation.


  • The exhaust clamp is very easy to use and you will not have to be an expert in anything before you use it.
  • You can rely on it for preventing noise leaks and exhaust gas leaks.
  • The beauty of it is that it is also removable and you can reuse it as many times as you have to.


  • It can work for a limited tubing diameter.


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